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You have a responsibility to yourself, your family, your co-workers and your customers to ensure that your workplace is safe and secure.  In many jurisdictions, robbery is a third leading cause of injury in the workplace and the leading cause of death.  You will diminish your risk of robbery and its consequences if you implement the following strategies:

Report suspicious circumstances or persons to the police

Its far better to call the police before a problem arises.  It makes a lot more sense to prevent a robbery from occurring than to spend your dollars dealing with costs and losses associated with a robbery.

Be prepared

Proper training will help you survive a robbery.  You will also recover from the traumatic stress of a robbery quicker.  Just like any business strategy, you must implement and evaluate your plan frequently.  Most police services provide free robbery prevention training and survival techniques.

Be a great neighbour

Communicate with other businesses in your neighbourhood.  Criminal activity in your community affects everyone.  By working together, we can keep each other safe.


Make a robberís job difficult

If you are a cash handler, you should understand just what makes a robber tick.  Take a few moments and put yourself in the shoes of someone thinking about robbing you.  Robbers are like predatory animalsóthey prey on the weak and vulnerable and avoid the strong and able.  If you make the robber feel uncomfortable, the robber will look for a softer target.  Understand that persons who rob small businesses are usually opportunistic amateurs.  Most culprits donít have much experience committing robbery.  The actions you take now, before a robbery occurs, may encourage a robber to go somewhere else.

Put the robber on stage

Donít encourage someone to rob you.  Go outside, take a look at the area where you conduct your cash transactions and take a good look a what someone sees from the outside looking in. 

Good lighting

Proper lighting, both inside your business and outside in the parking area, will help discourage robberies. 

Clear lines of sight

Donít cover your windows with marketing materials.  Donít pile up crates or boxes in front of windows or in aisles.  Ensuring clear lines of sight will help you see whether

Donít resist

Robbers are desperate people.  They are frightened and anxious.  Plus, theyíre often under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Desperation, intoxication and weapons make a volatile combination.  Once a robbery has started, your responsibility is to survive safety.  The best way to do this is to comply with the demands of the robber.  If you resist, you will greatly increase your risk of being injured or killed.

bulletBe prepared to give a robber your best customer service.  This is one cash transaction youíll want to conduct without any bother.
bulletRobbers bring weapons to ensure they have control of the situation.  If you donít see a weapon, but the robber says or indicates that he has one, believe him.  Let the robber think he has control.  However, if you are properly trained and prepared, you will control the situation. 
bulletTalk to the robber and tell him what he can expect from you.  Donít leave him guessing, and donít make unexpected moves.   Put him at ease by telling him you are going to do exactly what he wants.
bulletDo not resist.  Do not argue.  Do not fight.  Do not use anything as a weapon.
bulletDo not follow the robber out of the store. You will be safe after he has gone.

Make the job easy for police

After the robber has left, call the police immediately.  Do not rely on the alarm system for a faster response.  You will receive the fastest response by dialing 911.

bulletIt is important that the crime scene remains undisturbed as possible.  This will help the police in their investigation.  If you can, lock your doors to prevent new customers from disturbing evidence.  Ask witnesses to remain until police arrive.  Obtain the names and addresses of anyone unwilling to wait so that police can follow-up with them.
bulletOnce the police arrive, they will ask you and other witnesses what you saw, heard, and did.

Ensure the culprit is brought to justice.  Now is your opportunity