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The Personal Protective Equipment Program will be implemented by using “Train-The-Trainer” methods. Omar's Department Store will provide technical support, supervisory-level training, and oversight for the program. Omar's Department Store will, upon request, provide training for non-supervisory personnel. Individual responsibilities.

Omar's Department Store is responsible for developing, implementing, and administering the PPE Program. This involves:

·        Training customer service representatives to conduct workplace hazard assessments.

·        Assisting with the hazard assessment surveys by serving as a technical resource.

·        Providing guidance on the selection, care, and use of PPE.

·        Maintaining centralized records of hazard assessments, training, and inspections.

·        Providing training and technical assistance to the designated departmental personnel.

·        Developing and maintaining the PPE train-the-trainer manual, videos, and other training resources.

·        Evaluating the overall effectiveness of the PPE Program on a periodic basis, and revising the program as needed to assure the safety of Omar's Department Store employees.

·        Maintaining the university Respiratory Protection and Hearing Conservation programs, and evaluating workplace exposure to hazards that would require the use of respirators or hearing protection.

·        Maintaining the university Chemical Hygiene Plan. This plan covers the use of protective devices in laboratory operations.