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Omar's Clothing Store


Cash Register

Inventory Control

Dress Code



Company Policies

Returning Merchandise


Health and Safety


Customer Service



L: Listen

A: Apologize

S:  Satisfy

T: Thank

LISTEN: When ever a customer has a complaint or a question about the service or product, the customer service representative must always respond with empathy, maintain eye contact. Pay attention to the feelings of the customer and nod appropriately to let customer know you are understanding and are interested in their query or complaint.

APOLOGIZE: Always sincerely apologize to the customer for any problem that they might have encountered while shopping at Omar's Clothing Store.

SATISFY: A customer service representative has to satisfy the customer by making whatever query or problem right also to do extra and also ask customer if the solution was acceptable to their needs.

THANK: Always thank the customer for solving the problem or query for them .Tell the customer you appreciate them being so patient and understanding. THANK them for shopping at OMAR'S CLOTHING STORE