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Fire prevention

bulletDo not put out burning material such as cigarettes and ashes into garbage containers.
bulletDo not use unsafe electrical appliances, frayed  extension cords, overloaded outlets or lamp wire for permanent writing.
bulletSmoking is not permitted in the stores, back corridors or anywhere in the shopping center.

Fire alarms

If the fire alarm rings, please stand by for directions from Security and prepare to evacuate your store of all persons.  If you are directed by security to evacuate the building immediately, use the nearest exit, close all doors behind you and remain calm.

Fire extinguishers

Please take the time to locate the fire extinguisher and pull station nearest to your store.  Only after confinement, notification (alarm), and evacuation of the area, should the member of the staff attempt to extinguish a small fire.

Steps to using a fire extinguisher

bulletPull the locking pin from the handle
bulletAim the nozzle at the base of the fire
bulletUse a sweeping motion while squeezing the handle
bulletOperation can move about while extinguishing the fire
bulletThe extinguisher can be shut off at any time during use by simply releasing the handle.

Action to take

  1. Dial  911, tell them the store name and location within the center.  State which entrance is closest to you.
  2. Pull the nearest fire alarm station.  They are locater near all exits.
  3. Call customer service at (905)555-4657
  4. if evacuation is necessary, follow the instruction of the fire department.
    bulletDo not attempt to fight fires unless easily extinguishable by a portable extinguisher
    bulletUse enclosed stairwell exits or nearest exterior door.  They are the safest means of exit in any emergency.
    bulletIf you are caught in heavy smoke, take short breaths, breathe through your nose and crawl to the nearest exit.  The air quality is better near the floor as smoke rises.
    bulletTest doors by putting your hand to them before opening.  If hot, find another way out.  If not hot, open the door slowly and carefully and be ready to close it if heat or smoke pours in. 
    bulletWhile escaping from a fire, close as many doors as possible to prevent the fire’s spread; however, do not endanger yourself by doing so.
    bulletIf your clothing catches on fire, STOP, DROP, AND ROLL.  Do not panic or run as this will only fan the flames.  Cover your face with your hands and drop to the ground gently.  Never beat the flames with your hands; rather, smother them with your body.