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The holidays are different for every province, we decided to give same vacation for all our employees. Here is a summary:

Continued Service

Duration of Vacation

1 year and less

1 day for every month of service (for a maximum of 10 days)

1 to 4 years

2 weeks

5 to 10 years

3 weeks

10 years and more

4 weeks

 At Omarís clothing store, the vacation period is from May first to April 30 every year. Full time employees have to take their vacation each year.

Part time employees who have not taken their vacation time will receive their vacation pay the first pay period after April 30. The manager must authorize any vacation time.

Social Holidays


2 days paid for the death or the funeral of the mother, father, wife, husband, child, children of the common law, brother, sister.


1 pay day (if the wedding is happening on a business day)

Sick Days and Others

If you are unable to work due to illness or for any other reason, you must inform your manager as soon as possible so that proper store coverage is insured.

A medical note must be provided in case of illness.


We want to keep our work environment clean and organized so that the store atmosphere is agreeable to everyone. Our main priority is to promote a professional and welcoming image to our customers.